ISC West Recap

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Wow. What a difference a week makes. Freshly back from Vegas, I’ve had some time to think about the events at ISC West.

As someone who has been in the booth for quite a few shows now, it was is very exciting to see that the Avigilon booth was packed for most of the show. Watching this brand, dealer base, and customer base grow is truly phenomenal. The days of people coming to the booth that can’t pronounce the name and have no idea what we do seem to be over, and that’s a good thing. I heard the same question asked several times: “How are you getting all of these people to come to your booth?” Personally, I think the answer is a lot of good product, good support, hard work, and marketing.

I was also struck by how the overall conversation seems to be moving more and more beyond analog solutions. I heard from several traditionally analog dealers and end users about finding solutions in the IP video world. Some of the hesitation to move over involved focusing cameras. It’s not that analog cameras are necessarily harder to focus, but increased resolution shows flaws in focus in much greater detail. Having autofocus and motorized lens options (like the Avigilon H3 line) seems to comfort both the contractor and end user in most cases. The networking side is still commonly brought up as a barrier, but companies are either partnering with someone that can help them, aquiring talent, or training internal resources.

Nothing new here, but late nights and early mornings were the norm for me in Vegas. That town is really good at drawing the night owl out in everyone. I don’t know why, but I’m still amazed at how good Vegas is at hiding the time from you and getting you to not care what time it is. Of course, good company always helps, and I had plenty of that.

I got on a plane Friday morning after just 2 hours of sleep. For whatever reason, that felt like a really natural way to end my week.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the week as well.

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