ISC West 2013

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Today’s the day I leave for ISC West. I always look forward to the excitement of the show. It’s a great place to see people I normally don’t see face to face. It’s also a stage for manufacturers to showcase their solutions.

I’ve noticed over the last 3 years that the rate of new product announcements at the show has slowed. I attribute a lot of this to the internet. We all know when products are released with minimal effort. We can get sample videos, technical data, and pricing virtually almost immediately. Following releases, we have a variety of ways to find out what early adopters think of new technology. For me, the days of plugging in a camera or DVR and pushing buttons, looking at images, etc. to evaluate equipment will always have a place in my memory. The eyeball test was a good one. Let’s not let it die.

However, Trade Show floors have never been a great place to evaluate cameras unless you own a convention center. Keep that in mind as you’re out walking the floor.

With the growth of online information, releasing new products at the same time as other companies might be a bad strategy.  I’m not involved in this side of things, and don’t have any data to support this. My opinion is based on the Apple model.  They have done product releases away from industry shows. They generate a ton of buzz by releasing products on their own schedule. For people like me, it’s very exciting to build up to the Apple announcement days. I can’t wait to see what the new iPhone has to offer. I just know not to expect to learn anything about it at CES or other mobile device events. Maybe some electronic surveillance manufacturers are following this line of thinking as well.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas. I also look forward to shaking a lot of new hands and meeting new people. For me, this is the largest benefit of industry events. Understand that the exhibitors put forth a tremendous effort to put on this show for attendees. Please support them (us) in return!

Safe travels.

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