Podcast Episode Number 4

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In Episode Number 4, I interview Scot MacTaggart (@mactaggart). Scot and I discuss video from an Atlanta jewelry store robbery (linked below) and get off on a few tangents.

YouTube Robbery video

News Story with $940k value

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Podcast Episode Number 3

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In Episode Number 3, I interview Colin Bodbyl.  You can find Colin at @colinbodbyl on Twitter and at www.zeecure.com.  Colin and I discuss cameras recording the sky, a marketing video showing a little too much wall (and sky), and Brinks yard signs.

Colin also provides some great insight on how to handle aging equipment in customer facilities.

Here are some links to the videos:

Meteor Video 1

Meteor Video 2

Marketing video

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Mobile Video Usage

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When smartphones became mainstream, it became inevitable that video would find it’s way into our pockets. In a very short time, it’s become a given that most recording platforms have mobile apps making this possible.

Based solely on my experience, adoption is less than 50%, which blows my mind. I have a hard time understanding why users don’t go mobile, based on the following:
-Low cost of adoption
-Minimal setup, most of which is already being done for remote access through thick client
-High probability of carrying compliant devices

The benefits seem to justify this minimal effort. Enabling mobile access gives you the ability to look in live from anywhere with cell coverage, expanding your ability to monitor systems. People that do use the mobile apps (again, based on my experience with Avigilon) seem to be very happy about the ability to consume video when they want to with minimal effort. They report being able to keep in touch with their facilities better with less effort.

I’m in the Midwest, and one use case I hear a lot is looking at cameras to see how much snow is on the ground, if plows have come by, etc. That information could save someone a trip to check things out. Or maybe it just saves a few minutes by not booting up the laptop. I understand that a few minutes of sleep at 4am means a lot.

There are users that use tablets for safety reasons. It’s nice to know what’s around the corner if a guard is out walking on patrol. I use mine when I hear a noise in the night to see if anything is going on outside.

Many people who have allowed me to present have seen my wife come and go throughout the day. It’s nice to be able to see if she’s home or not at a glance.

Believe it or not, the most common reason I hear why customers decide not to use mobile video is also the biggest reason that they use it: that it would give the boss an easy path to see what’s going on. For the most part, if a business owner or executive knows it exists, they want it. It really comes down to who is buying and “owning” the system.

Mobile video is a fantastic tool in certain environments in my opinion. As with all technology, it will only get better.

What do you think? Do you see the same trends and use cases that I do?

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